Texas Township and Paw Paw and Dowagiac – Oh My!

In the next few months, Vegan Kalamazoo will be holding or promoting events in (count ’em!) Texas Township, Dowagiac, Hastings, Paw Paw, and South Haven. Yup! Interest in veganism is everywhere, and that’s why my new favorite hashtag is #veganeverywhere!

There’s no reason southwest Michigan – with its savvy, health conscious population and great agricultural gifts – can’t be one of the U.S.’s premier vegan locales.

We’ll also be participating in the upcoming Kalamazoo Foodways Symposium (April 7-8), Earth Day (April 22), the Kalamazoo Dog Walk & K9 Festival (May 6), Kalamazoo Marathon (May 7) , and other events. Your suggestions for events we can participate in are *always* welcome, as is your assistance with tabling, workshops, etc. (Email me!)

See you at our events! Remember: everyone, including vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores, is always welcome at our events, although we ask that you purchase / consume only vegan food out of respect for our mission. Most events are free except for cost of restaurant food, movies, etc. Remember, also, that our Meetup.com group is the best place to stay on top of our events. Meetup is free and simple to join. (Instructions for joining here.)

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