• It’s easy to eat vegan in and around Kalamazoo! Below are some of our favorite vegan restaurants, with those offering exceptional vegan offerings highlighted in green. If you know of a business that should be included please email us. And when you frequent the below businesses, please tell them Vegan Kalamazoo sent you!

Note – hours and menus subject to change. Always call before traveling!


  • Bell’s Brewery. (355 E. Kalamazoo Ave., Kalamazoo; 269-382-2332). Local bar/restaurant with tempeh reubens & Vietnamese spring rolls. More info.
  • Brewery Outré/Papa’s Italian Sausage (543 E Ransom St, Kalamazoo, MI 49007). Vegan option available at Papa’s Italian Sausage (attached to brewery). More info.
  • Centre Street Tap House. (3251 Centre St., Portage; 269-492-3500). Local bar/restaurant with three locations. Several vegan options including jackfruit tacos and a tofu taco. More info.
  • Hopcat. (300 E. Water St., Kalamazoo; 269-210-0075). Famous craft beer chain, now offering the Impossible Burger with a pretzel bun and vegan jalapeno mayo. More info. 
  • Latitude 42. (Two locations: 6101 W. Main St. in Oshtemo, 269-775-7242; and 7842 Portage Rd. in Portage, 269-459-4242). Local bar/restaurant/brewpub with two locations, featuring vegan options and the Impossible Burger. More info.
  • Old Dog Tavern. (402 E. Kalamazoo Ave., Kalamazoo; 269-381-5677). Local bar/restaurant with weekly music shows. Offers Impossible Burger. More info.
  • One Well Brewing. (4213 Portage St., Kalamazoo; 269-459-9240). Family-friendly brewpub featuring many vegan options including pizza with vegan cheese. Vegan Chili and Plant based chick’n options More info.
  • Sprinkle Road Tap House. (5003 Park Circle Dr., Kalamazoo; 269-775-1390). Local bar/restaurant with three locations. Several vegan options including jackfruit tacos. More info.
  • Texas Corners Brewing Company. (6970 Texas Dr., Kalamazoo; 269-870-7724). Craft beer, ciders, and most importantly, vegan pizza! Vegetarian options indicated on menu; be sure to ask to veganize your options. More info.

Breakfast Places (some also serve other meals)

  • Anna’s House. (4700 Stadium Dr., Kalamazoo; 866-672-6627). Local breakfast restaurant chain with several vegan options. More info.
  • Cosmo’s Cucina. (804 W. Vine St., Kalamazoo; 269-344-5666). Cozy bistro open for breakfast on the weekends. Some plates can be altered to be vegan (oatmeal made with water, potatoes w/o cheese, toast). More info.
  • Crow’s Nest. (816 S. Westnedge Ave., Kalamazoo; 269-978-0490). Eclectic bistro menu; lots of vegan options for all three meals. More info.
  • Studio Grill. (312 W. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo; 269-341-4100). Breakfast and lunch restaurant featuring vegan chili and other options. Note: we’ve heard reports that buns and other ingredients may not be vegan. Exercise caution. More info.

Coffee / Drinks (Note: most coffee shops, including all the major chains, now offer nondairy milk options, so below we feature only those local coffee shops that offer vegan foods.)

  • Black Owl Cafe. (414 Walbridge St., Kalamazoo; 269-459-1334). Cafe with local coffee from Kalamazoo Coffee Company, non-dairy milk alternatives for drinks, and features vegan brunch options on the weekend. More info.
  • Caffe Casa. (128 S Kalamazoo Mall, Kalamazoo, MI 49007-4879; 269-385-1026). Has plant-based milks and pastries. More info.
  • Factory Coffee. (2 locations: 205 W. Lovell St. and 213 E. Frank Street) Has vegan bagels and cream cheese. Lovell St. location offers vegan breakfast (bagel sandwich with sausage, cream cheese and pesto) and also offers vegan lunch/dinner options. More info.
  • Fourth Coast Cafe. (816 S. Westnedge Ave., Kalamazoo; 269-383-0202). Coffee house with vegan muffins, brownies, etc. Open 24 hours. More info.
  • Mi Boba. (1750 S Drake Road, Kalamazoo; 269-743-7742). Drinks; also has vegan macarons! More info.
  • Something’s Brewing. (120 W. South St., Kalamazoo; 269-349-1295). Downtown cafe featuring macadamia milk. More info.
  • Walnut & Park. (322 W. Walnut St., Kalamazoo; 269-903-0578). Sometimes offers vegan muffins, burritos, scones, bars, and other options.  More info.
  • Water Street Coffee Joint (Several locations). Local chain offering nondairy milks and excellent vegan pastries and breakfast burritos.

Deli / Snack / Sandwich / Juice

  • Artisan Sandwich Co. (348 S. Kalamazoo Mall, Kalamazoo; 269-220-5665). Downtown sandwich shop offering a veggie sandwich — just order without cheese, on sourdough. More info.
  • Cravings Deli. (Inside Pacific Rim Foods, 229 W. Kilgore Rd., Portage; 269-447-5111). Authentic Vietnamese and Pan Asian fare with many seasonal vegan options including dumplings, noodles, spring rolls, poke bowls, kimchi, and sashimi. More info.
  • Juicy Leaf Cold-Pressed Juice Co. (316 S Kalamazoo Mall, Kalamazoo; 269-350-4117). 100% vegan establishment featuring juices, coffees (cashew milk available), and snacks (including date bites). Also sells juice packs for cleanses. More info.

Dessert / Ice Cream / Yogurt

  • Cherri’s Chocol’Art (245 S. Kalamazoo Mall, Kalamazoo; 269-998-7339). Chocolate shop downtown with several vegan options, including vegan milkshakes, dark chocolate peanut clusters, dark chocolate covered oreos, and dark chocolate haystacks. More info.
  • Confections with Convictions. (116 W. Crosstown Pkwy. Ste. 101, Kalamazoo; 269-381-9700). Fair trade organic chocolate shop specializing in hand crafted truffles — including vegan ones! More info.
  • Frosty Boy. (5030 Gull Road, Kalamazoo;  269-345-5360.) Carries several flavors of Hudsonville’s vegan ice creams. New! Now carrying vegan soft serve! More info.
  • Lafayette Creamery. (2 locations: 7933 South 8th St., Texas Corners; 269-447-2342. and 101 W. Michigan Ave., Paw Paw; 269-657-4841.) Offers vegan vanilla ice cream and several sorbets. More info.
  • Insomnia Cookies. (2905 S Howard St, Kalamazoo; 269-220-6433.) Offers three types of vegan cookies. Open till 3 am and delivers! More info.
  • Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt. (1700 S Drake Road, Kalamazoo; 269-459-6377). Offers one vegan sorbet at a time, including chocolate and mango. More info.
  • Roll-Up Ice Cream & Tea. (3262 Stadium Dr., Kalamazoo; 269-888-2553). Coconut ice cream is vegan; some toppings may be vegan. More info.
  • Rykse & Co. (7141 W Q Ave., Texas Corners; 269-978-8600). Offers Lafayette Creamery’s creamy vegan vanilla bean ice cream. More info.
  • Sawall Deli. (2965 Oakland Dr., Kalamazoo; 269-343-3619). The deli offers Amorino gelato in several vegan flavors. More info.
  • Via Gelato. (8340 Portage Rd., Portage; 269-459-6745). Homemade Gelato with Vegan and dairy free options. More info.
  • Y’opa. (165 W. Centre Ave., Portage; 269-366-4877). Another local frozen yogurt shop offering vegan soft serve! More info.

Lunch / Dinner Restaurants (Be sure to also check out the International Dining, Occasion Dining, and Pizza categories, below!)

  • The Blue Dolphin. (502 S. Burdick St., Kalamazoo; 269-343-4993). Greek/American fare with several vegan appetizer options, a veggie burger, and pizza that can be ordered without cheese. More info.
  • Lake Burger. (4404 West Main Street, Kalamazoo; 269-888-2242). Has a vegan burger with vegan cheese option. More info.
  • Nonla Burger. (2103 S. Burdick St., Kalamazoo; 269-443-2270). Offers the Beyond Burger in a fast-food tasting way — comes with cheese, so just ask to get it veganized! More info.
  • Salut Market. (3112 S. Westnedge Ave., Kalamazoo; 269-343-2620). Wine, beer, and spirits store with a tasting room that has a vegan sandwich option. More info.
  • Valley Dining Center. (1903 W Michigan Ave. on the WMU campus; 269-387-4844). Burgers, tacos, and other cafeteria foods. No local parking.  More info.

East Asian Dining

  • A Thai Cafe. (7089 S. Westnedge Ave., Portage; 269-323-3099). Many vegan options, vegan sauces made on order for $2 extra, and knowledgeable staff. More info.
  • Chuancai Fang Sichuan Restaurant. (324 N. Drake Rd., Kalamazoo; 269-903-2138). Authentic spicy Chinese food with many vegan options such as salt and pepper tofu and crispy eggplant. More info.
  • Hunan Garden. (5059 W. Main St., Kalamazoo; 269-373-1188). Chinese restaurant with many vegan dishes. More info.
  • Junly’s China Hut. (4123 Portage Street, Kalamazoo; 269-492-9888). More info.
  • Kumo Hibachi, Sushi & Japanese Restaurant. (6396 S. Westnedge Ave., Portage; 269-321-8870). Some vegan selections; makes their own tofu. More info.
  • Maru Sushi and Grill. (427 E. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo). Asian-fusion chain offering many vegan options including some fancy vegan sushi rolls. More info.
  • Rasa Ria. (1921 W. Main St., Kalamazoo; 269-381-0788). Malaysian restaurant with a couple of vegan options. More info.
  • South China Restaurant. (811 Riverview Drive, Portage; 269-382-2323). More info.
  • Ziingo Urban Asian. (3830 W. Centre Ave., Portage; 269-459-1090). Asian fusion take-out, most dishes available with either tofu or veggies in place of meat. *Note: On days when they offer pork meatballs, the tofu is cooked in with the meatballs. More info.

South Asian Dining

  • Cumin Indian Cuisine. (3321 Stadium Dr., Kalamazoo; 269-372-6900). Indian buffet restaurant with some vegan options on the buffet, and plenty of vegan options on the menu. More info.
  • Curry in a Hurry. (6541 Stadium Dr., Oshtemo). Food truck with vegetarian & vegan curry options. More info.
  • Hillside Indian Cuisine. (600 Romence Rd Suite #140, Portage; 269-324-4886). Lots of vegan options, including vegan dosas. More info.
  • Saffron. (1710 W. Main St., Kalamazoo; 269-381-9898). Indian restaurant with many vegan dishes. More info.

Mexican Dining

  • Condado Tacos. (1750 South Drake Rd., Kalamazoo). Many vegan options. More info.
  • La Familia Cafe. (224 West Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo; 269-312-8014). Mexican restaurant with vegan options, rice and beans are vegan. More info.
  • Mi Pueblito. (3420 Gull Rd., Kalamazoo; 269-349-2469). Authentic Mexican food; beans and rice are both vegan. More info.
  • Taco Bob’s. (300 Kalamazoo Mall, Kalamazoo, and other locations.) Local chain that offers vegan beans and rice in all dishes. More info.
  • The Big Burrito. (5036 West KL Ave.; 269-372-2442) Popular local burrito joint that offers vegan rice and beans, and sometimes vegan cheese. More info.

Middle Eastern Dining

  • Bab El Salam. (129 W. Centre Ave., Portage Center Plaza, Portage; 269-775-1330). Middle eastern food, with many vegan options, and a vegan-friendly and knowledgeable owner. More info.
  • Cairo’s Kitchen. (155 W Michigan Ave Suite 1D, Kalamazoo; 269-525-2996). Traditional Egyptian fare with some vegan options. More info.
  • Shawarma Buffet. (2925 S. Westnedge Ave., Kalamazoo; 269-226-9700). Middle eastern buffet with many vegan options. More info.
  • Pita Way (6403 S Westnedge Rd., Portage; 269-233-5150). Lots of vegan options. More info.
  • Shawarma King. (1441 S. Drake Rd., Kalamazoo; 269-375-3900). Middle Eastern restaurant with many vegan dishes. Wednesday is vegetarian day and everything vegetarian is 15% off.  Note: the lentil soup is not vegan except on Wednesdays (even then, ask before ordering). More info.
  • Zooroona. (1710 W. Main St., Kalamazoo; 269-382-4444). Middle Eastern restaurant with many vegan dishes and very knowledgeable staff. Nice setting. Also caters. More info.


  • Erbelli’s. (2 locations: Portage Road and Stadium Drive). Now offering vegan cheese for pizzas. Be sure to also ask for vegan sauce and crust. More info.
  • Sawall Cafe 36. (2965 Oakland Dr., Kalamazoo; 269-343-3619). Several excellent vegan options. More info.
  • Blaze Pizza. (5015 W. Main St., Oshtemo; 269-254-8081). Large selection of pizzas with vegan cheese and over 15 veggie toppings. More info.
  • MOD Pizza. (5097 Century Ave. Ste. D, Kalamazoo; 269-216-7680) Build-your-own pizza with Daiya cheese option. More info.
  • Pizza Katerina. (635 N 9th St Suite E, Kalamazoo MI 49009; 269-216-3651) Sauce and crust are vegan. They also offer vegan mozzarella made by Violife, and vegan meats by Water & Wheat. More info. 

Quick Serve / Fast Food

  • Many QS/FF restaurants now serve vegan foods, including: Burger King, Chipotle, CoreLife Eatery, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Olive Garden, Qdoba, Red Robin, Taco Bell, and Tropical Smoothie Cafe.

Occasion Dining

  • 600 Kitchen & Bar. (600 E. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo; 269-443-2401). Restaurant/tavern with farm-to-table eatery and seasonal dishes. Vegan dishes are indicated on the menu! More info.
  • BOLD (6915 W Q Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49009). Call ahead to see if the chef can prepare a vegan meal. More info.
  • Brick and Brine. (100 W. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo; in the Radisson Hotel). Always at least one vegan option. More info.
  • Cosmo’s Cucina. (804 W. Vine St., Kalamazoo; 269-344-5666). Cozy bistro with multiple options that can be veganized for dinner, including squash, pasta, pizza without cheese, and salads. Very friendly, just ask when you’re there! More info.
  • Cove Lakeside Bistro. (9110 Portage Rd., Portage; 269-350-5380). Lakeside eatery overlooking West Lake in Portage with a few vegan menu options. Vegan menu options are marked. More info.
  • Fieldstone Grill. (3970 W. Centre Ave., Portage; 269-321-8480). Neighborhood restaurant with vegan entrees. More Info.
  • Junglebird. CURRENTLY REBRANDING! (155 W. Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo; 269-743-7038). Located in The Exchange Building, Junglebird offers several vegan options and is very friendly about removing animal products and various allergens. More info.
  • Sawall Cafe 36. (2965 Oakland Dr., Kalamazoo; 269-343-3619). Several excellent vegan options. More info.

On the Road

  • Neds on Gull Lake (15450 M-43, Hickory Corners; 269-671-5700).  Several vegan options on their regular menu; excellent lake view and patio dining. More info.
  • Chinn Chinn. (52885 N. Main St., Mattawan; 269-668-7667). Modern Asian bistro with lots of vegan options. More info.
  • The Front Porch. (55 E. Battle Creek St., Galesburg). New restaurant offering Opes’ sandwiches and gluten-free cookies. More info.
  • HeronMark. (132 Hubbard St., Allegan). Offers vegan charcuterie boards featuring aged and cultured cheeses from Rebel Cheese in Texas along with Michigan ingredients. More info.
  • Nonla Vietnamese Street Food. (24050 Front Ave., Mattawan; 269-668-7938) Outstanding Vietnamese inspired street food including pho, roasted tofu banh mi, and vermicelli salad. Tiny place, no reservations: be prepared to wait. More info.
  • Paw Paw Pizza Co. (706 S. Kalamazoo St., Paw Paw; 269-657-3165). Large and outstanding vegan menu of pizzas, burgers, and other comfort foods. Thursday – Sunday only; call ahead to make sure they’re open. More info.
  • Silver Beach Pizza. (410 Vine St., St. Joseph, MI; 269-983-4743). Offers Daiya vegan cheese. More info.
  • Toarmina’s Pizza. (3700 N. Lilley Road, Canton, MI; 734-981-0060). Offers vegan pizza and subs, with vegan cheese and pepperoni available. More info.
  • Three Blondes Brewing. (1875 Phoenix Street, South Haven; 269-872-3911). Offers a couple of vegan sandwiches and appetizers. More info.
  • Souls Ground Cafe. (234 Territorial Rd., Benton Harbor; 269-605-3977). An all-vegan cafe featuring sonic shots, smoothies, sandwiches, soups, and more! More info.
  • Walt & Marie’s. (44947 W. Red Arrow Hwy., Paw Paw; 269-657-7570). Offers the Beyond Burger and the Impossible Burger, plus vegan pizza with Follow Your Heart cheese (not on the menu, but ask!), wraps, salads, and two vegan pesto sauces. Knowledgeable vegan staff and vegan owners. More info.
  • Uncommon Coffee Roasters.  (127 Hoffman St., Saugatuck; 269-857-3333). Several vegan beverage and sandwich choices. More info.
  • GOJO Ethiopian Cuisine. (EAST BUILDING, 421 Norwood Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506; 616-459-3383). Effective March 6, 2024 Every Wednesday and Thursday all you can eat vegan dinner buffet: $15 & children 8 years and younger eat free! More info.
  • For Grand Rapids vegan restaurants, click here.

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