Can You Host a Vegan Exchange Student?

Whitney Oosting, Area Michigan Coordinator for the ASSE Exchange Program, is looking for host families for two VEGAN foreign students who will be attending high school in our area next year. Please see the below info, and contact Whitney directly at 616-889-7861 or for more info.

As a former foster mom of four Sudanese teenaged refugees I know first-hand how wonderful and enriching an experience it is to host a foreign student, and I agree with Whitney that, now more than ever, such cross-cultural exchange is needed. So I hope a few people reading this will contact Whitney!


From Whitney:

Becoming a host family has been one of the most rewarding adventure ever.  In today’s world cross-cultural ties are of utmost importance.  Students from all over the world come to study here in America.  They not only learn from our culture but give us the opportunity to learn about theirs.  They bring such a desire to connect with us, to learn from us and to give back.  Through sharing experiences together we find that we are all the same, no matter what nationality, race or religion.  Students bring that not only to the family where they live but to their school and community.  The result is acceptance of each others differences and the spreading of world peace one child at a time.

RIMA (15 years old, from Germany)

Interests: I enjoy drawing, reading, singing, cooking, going for walks, and playing the piano – TM

Hello, My name is Rina and I am 15 years old. I love in a very small city in Germany with mother, father, and younger sister. I am currently in 10th grade. My school is pretty small with 800 students. My favorite subjects are chemistry, biology, and art. In the future I would like to continue to study art. I am very kind, smart, creative, polite, fun person. I am very good at adjusting to new situations which will be helpful during my exchange student year. In my free time I love drawing, listening to Beyoncé, and reading. Most days you will never see me without a book in my hands. Something else I like to do in my free time is go grocery shopping, having sleepovers, and watching movies. I also like to go to the gym with my friends. On the weekends we spend time together as a family such as going out to eat, or a walk in the woods. I really enjoy nature. I don’t eat meat, dairy or eggs, but I am very happy to prepare my own meals and I l ove to cook. I hope I have given you a good impression of my life and I cannot wait to learn about your family. I will be very glad to spend a year in the United States with you and cannot wait to meet you!

Marharyta (16 years old, from Ukraine)

Interests: Swimming, listening to music, fitness, reading, drawing, playing the guitar, science, watching movies, aerobics, volleyball, boxing, theater

Marharyta is a FLEX scholarship student from Ukraine. She is the only child of her small but loving family. She enjoys going on picnics and gong to the seaside with her mother and father. She, of course, also helps them with their chores and cooking. Rita considers herself a vegan, although she respects everyone’s ideas. She knows that everyone has their own version of the world. This is one of the major reasons she wants to be an exchange student; to see others’ perspectives and cultures. She is excited to see other places beyond her comfort zone. She would like to share her love of music, reading and science with her new host family and friends. She loves to study science and might consider it as her career! Rita thanks you for considering to host her and is excited to meet you!

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