Sunday 10/18 – Special Event! Vegan Potluck with the Younger Next Year Kalamazoo Meetup

When: Sunday, October 18, 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Where: Address (in Kalamazoo) will be provided to all registrants.
Hosts: Hillary Rettig / Gayle Underwood.
We’re thrilled to announce a joint Meetup with Younger Next Year Kalamazoo, a group of people interested in physical and mental health. We will be meeting at their organizer’s house and cooking a great vegan meal together and then having a fun, informal discussion on how to go vegan. We’d love a great turnout for this, so please join us. (Several YNYK people signed up without even knowing the date, so there’s a lot of interest!)

The main course will be a stir fry; those ingredients are covered, but we need VK members to bring vegan sides and desserts. (Noncooks: please bring nondairy milks and/or icecream.) When you RSVP on EITHER our Meetup or Facebook page please leave a comment telling us what dish you’re bringing.

Please RSVP for all events on our Meetup (preferred) or Facebook page.

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