2014 Events

Fall 2014

November 20  7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Pizza Party at Blaze Pizza!
5015 West Main St. (southwest corner of North Drake)






Blaze Pizza serves great pizza with a vegan (Daiya) cheese option!  So, let’s all go out and pizzafy! Blaze manager Tim is treating us all to FREE BEVERAGES! Thanks, Tim!

Please note the following important info:

  • Blaze pizza veggie pizza!

    Guest of honor!

    Blaze offers only one size of pizza:  11″ round. Depending on how hungry you are, that’s enough for one meal and maybe a small meal or snack later. Two people could share it if neither is a big eater.

  • Price for a pie is $6.95 + $1.00 extra for vegan cheese + tax + (optional) tip.
  • The best way to order a Blaze Pizza is online about an hour ahead of time, so it will be ready shortly after you arrive. Order here and be sure to select “Kalamazoo” as your store. (It’s okay to wait until you get to the store to order a pie, but if they’re busy, there could be a long wait.)
  • Blaze also offers salads. See the whole Blaze menu here.
  • Please RSVP! We really need to know how many people are attending. RSVP at either our Meetup or Facebook page.

See you at Blaze!


***Table at Kalamazoo Farmers Market every Saturday***
We often have recipes, coupons, and other goodies to give away, so please stop by!

Thursday, October 16: Free Movie night! Forks Over Knives
7:00 -9:00 p.m.
Natural Health Center, 4610 West Main Street (Westwood Plaza, near Drake Street), Kalamazoo
Lots of free parking.
Attendance FREE. Snacks will be served. Short discussion to follow film.
Everyone invited! Please RSVP via email to Chris.

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