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“Thanks for suggesting we offer a nondairy, milk option (almond).  Once we did, we immediately started getting more business–and when we added a second nondairy option (soy), we got even more business.  There’s obviously a big vegan market in Kalamazoo, and we’re happy to serve it!”–Jamie Brock, Coffee Rescue

“After the positive reception of our vegan menu option for the Earth Day Festival we have decided to always offer vegan or vegetarian options at our events. We’ve found that there really is a good vegan market in Kalamazoo! Thanks to Vegan Kalamazoo for the suggestions and support.” — Shyam Shepard & Amanda Castro, Pachamama Street Food


To All Southwest Michigan Business Owners:

Are you ready to Go for the Vegan Gold?

Plants, according to Microsoft founder Bill Gates, are, “the future of food.” That’s why he’s invested in Beyond Meat, a leading manufacturer of vegan meat alternatives. And it’s not just Gates: Biz Stone (Twitter founder), Elon Musk (Tesla), and many other tech and nontech entrepreneurs are all investing in vegan products. Even meatpacking giants Tyson Foods and Cargill are investing in up-and-coming vegan products and companies.

And the vegan opportunity isn’t just about food, either: consumers are increasingly seeking vegan / cruelty-free cosmetics, clothing, furnishings, entertainment, and other products and services.

Here in Kalamazoo, our Vegan Kalamazoo community has grown to nearly 4,500 people in just six years. These are highly-motivated consumers who are always on the lookout for new vegan products.

Is your business ready to Go for the Vegan Gold? If so, Vegan Kalamazoo is here to help! Our 100% free “Veganizer” Business Consulting Service will help you:

  • Identify products (or services) you sell that are already vegan
  • Identify those that could be easily be made vegan
  • Identify those that will take more effort but could potentially be very profitable
  • Introduce you to new vegan products that you could easily add to your mix

Then we’ll help you:

  • Learn about the vegan market. It’s big, and getting bigger! People who are health-conscious, environmentally-conscious, and animal lovers are all embracing veganism, as are people who keep kosher or halal, or who have egg or dairy allergies. And young people are especially turning on to veganism!
  • Develop your vegan branding, marketing, and sales; and,
  • Connect you with your vegan market! Vegan Kalamazoo currently has more than 4,500 people on its lists, many of whom are eager for new vegan products. (Plus, in many cases, you can also sell regionally and even nationally.)
  • We’ll also help you understand the regional vegan market–Vegan Kalamazoo being just one of many fast-growing vegan communities in Southwest Michigan and beyond. 

Contact Hillary Rettig for more information or to schedule an appointment.

About the consultant: Hillary Rettig is cofounder and organizer of Vegan Kalamazoo. She’s been vegan for 15 years, and lectures, writes, and coaches globally on effective veganism and vegan activism. She is also a highly experienced business trainer / coach / microlender who for many years ran programs funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration and Office of Refugee Resettlement. Ms. Rettig is also a lifelong entrepreneur with significant experience in high tech and a passionate interest in social change and helping innovative products succeed.


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